Petter Nilsson
Designer with 10+ yrs experienceAvailable as a freelancer


Hi, I’m Petter. During the past 10+ years I've been busy designing apps and web experiences at startups and large tech companies. In late 2021, I left my role as a Staff Product Designer at Shopify to focus on building my own products as well as offer my services as a freelancer. Get in touch if you're interested!

As a technical designer, I love to code. I prefer tools such as Framer where code (JS/React) gives me the freedom to design interactions and animations without limitations and create prototypes that can be evaluated as if using the real product. I thrive in organizations where designers and developers work closely together and there's no strict divider between the disciplines.

I'm based in Stockholm (Sweden), but have been working 100% remotely together with people across Europe and North America for the past years.

Past work

At Shopify (2018–2021)

When Tictail was aquired by Shopify, our team was tasked with building something new. After having explored tons of oppertunities we eventually settled on transforming Arrive, Shopify's tracking app, into a powerful shopping companion and eventually a destination. We launched it as Shop, and it has since climbed to the top of the App Store charts in North America with millions of happy users (currently a 4.8 rating).

I first joined Shopify as a Design Lead/Manager, but pretty soon switched to the IC track as a Staff Product Designer. During my three years on the Shop team, I worked on a lot of things:

  • Together with senior management on northstar prototypes to set our long-term vision.
  • Led design for the order management experience and the transformation from a tracker app to a shopping companion.
  • Rethought our onboarding from scratch and desinged a new progressive experience.
  • Designed an unique gift shopping experience.
  • And a few projects I'm not allowed to talk about yet :)

Pending Patents: US2021150593A1, US2021150604A1

At Tictail (2014–2018)

I joined Tictail in early 2014, back when the company was very small. The first project I worked with was rethinking the Checkout from scratch. I then moved on to work on the brand owner side of Tictail, designing the ability to start an online shop from your phone, something that we became the first app in the world to support. Next up was creating Talk, a messaging platform for connecting Tictail’s customers and brand owners. Check out this article in Fast Company.

During the final couple of years, my focus was on building out Tictail's marketplace, while also establishing and maintaing its design system. We began integrating video into the core of the experience and I did a lot of prototyping of how an ecommerce camera interface would look.

At iZettle (2012–2013)

iZettle was my first encounter with the startup world. At the time, it was a small Swedish fintech startup positionting itself as Square for Europe (the company was later bought by Paypal).

I joined as a digital art director, mainly focusing on the public website and other marketing efforts. But during my two years there, I transitioned into a product design role, focusing on designing the web dashboard.

At Identity Works (2010–2012)

My first proper job after finishing my graphic design studies was at Identity Works. It’s mainly a branding agency, but I joined their small digital department. Apart from designing numerous websites and apps, I also created the graphic identity for Swish, an app for instant money transfers and payments, used by almost all Swedes.

Side projects

Warp Tools (Figma plugin)
Chromatic Figma (Figma plugin)
Chromatic Sketch (Sketch plugin)
Single speed bike
Plywood chair
TabBarModule (Framer module)
PSD Validator (Validator for PSD files)
Marbled Prints (Poster)